Discus Scotland Limited

Let me explain who I am, as Discus Scotland Limited, it is hoped to bring knowledge and products solely to keep discus fish.My main aim of starting is to develop my own strain of Discus and to tempt new keepers and experienced keepers to share their experiences.

I started keeping tropical fish when I was just 6yrs old and moved on to discus in the early Seventies. At that time I made a lot of mistakes. It was 1978 when I moved to Germany that my passion for discus really took off breeding different strains of Blue’s. To start with I had lot of unsuccessful attempts and after advice from experienced German Breeders started to have more success than failure’s.

All though keeping Discus and Marine while living in England it was the move back to Scotland and the meeting of a gentleman who with his love and passion for fish keeping and the sharing of knowledge ignited my passion again. Unfortunately he is no longer with us so I want to try and share the way he did.

To Sid I thank you.

The Home of Quality Discus in Scotland

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